The Innovation Lab

Designing a digital learning experience for aspiring innovators

In short
The Innovation Lab helps aspiring innovators become experts in the tools and research methodologies used to solve human problems. I worked with the leadership team at What If Innovation to launch this digital learning platform, designing a brand identity system to communicate the concept behind the Lab, and ensuring a smooth user experience across all digital touchpoints.
The Innovation Lab
UI Designer
Brand Designer
Motion Designer
Crafting a visual identity rooted in creative experimentation
The visual identity of the Innovation Lab's is rooted in its four foundational courses — Identify, Insights, Ideas, and Incubate. I designed distinctive icons representing each course to serve as dynamic building blocks, which can be creatively deconstructed and recombined to form new visuals. This symbolism reflects the Lab's approach and focus on the spirit of experimentation.
Applying the visual identity
At the core of the Innovation Lab lies experimentation, and it was key to communicate this through the brand identity system. The underlying grid pattern, reminiscent of sketchbook paper, serves as a subtle nod to the birthplace of ideas. The combination of diverse shapes within the identity symbolize the building blocks that come together to realize those ideas.
Empowering on-the-go learning
While the Innovation Lab was initially conceived as a web-based platform, I took the initiative to expand the project into a user-friendly app. Recognizing the needs of our clients — innovation consultants often on the move during daily commutes and business travel — I identified an opportunity to offer a solution that integrates into their daily routines, rather than tethering them to a desktop. Users can conveniently access courses offline, and to incentivize and celebrate their progress, achievements are showcased directly on their profiles. Whether mastering a course or maintaining an activity streak, the app encourages sustained learning and growth.