Ahold Delhaize

Helping customers go from kitchen confusion to culinary confidence

In short
Delhaize recognized a daily dilemma among its customers: “What are we going to eat, and how are we going to get a balanced meal on the table?” We carved out a dedicated space within the Delhaize app to guide customers on a seamless culinary journey — from sparking recipe inspiration to meal planning, ingredient shopping, cooking, and finally taking that first bite.
Ahold Delhaize
Senior UI Designer
Motion Designer
From kitchen confusion to culinary confidence
Through user testing, we pinpointed four key pain points faced by Delhaize customers: time constraints, lack of inspiration, limited culinary skills, and choice paralysis. We integrated Delhaize's existing web recipes into the app, optimizing the experience with new features like detailed filters, online and offline shopping lists, and ingredient scanning for tailor-made recipes. By sprinkling doses of recipe ideas and personalized suggestions throughout various parts of the user journey, we help customers get inspired while building their culinary confidence.
Fine-tuning the visual design of Delhaize's digital space
My primary goal was to harmonize the UI design and content for consistency, clarity and ease of use. Key aspects of Delhaize's brand were retained, like brand typography and color palette, but were improved upon to achieve this goal. I improved spacing and layout proportions, adjusted the color palette to pass accessibility standards, implemented a more versatile icon set, and meticulously examined and fine-tuned each component.
Bringing brand-new features to life through motion & prototyping
I was responsible for prototyping each feature to illustrate functionality and interactions to the development team. It was essential to leave no room for misinterpretation in outlining the behaviors of each feature, like how products list tiles respond when ticked-off a shopping list, or how ingredients are scanned to lead customers to relevant recipes.