Fostering meaningful gifting and giving for every occasion

In short
In today's digital age, the sentiment of sending physical greeting cards remains alive and well. Hallmark sought to deepen the emotional connection between gift-givers and recipients, regardless of the occasion, and embed this into their e-commerce journey. Our solution involved a strategic blend of feature development and brand identity design, integrated into a streamlined, personalized customer journey.
Senior UI Designer
Motion Designer
The path to personalized gift-giving
With a vast array of greeting cards at their fingertips, Hallmark's users often grapple with finding the perfect match for their recipients. We tackled this challenge by introducing a range of features that optimize the card-selection journey. By identifying important dates in users' calendars, such as birthdays, we prompt them with timely reminders via email and push notifications to send a card. This initiates a personalized journey, guided by filters that ask questions like: "What's your relationship to the recipient?", "What's the occasion?", and "What are their interests?”
Design principles and visuals that speak to personalization
The essence of personalization needed to shine not only in the features but also in the visual language. When it came to UI design and branding, I focused on establishing design principles that would effectively convey this concept. These principles guided my choices in color, typography, illustrations, photography, and motion design.
Visually communicating personalization with typography
To further bring the concept of personalization to life, we incorporated handwritten elements into the design. We introduced a new primary typeface for the main UI, Rebond Grotesque, which features calligraphic glyphs and a subtle nod to the iconic Hallmark logo with its cursive 'K.' For displaying the recipient's name, we employed a secondary script font, Smooth Stone, to add a personal touch to the design.
Celebrating every occasion, big or small
Whether it's a birthday, wedding, graduation, or just because, Hallmark has the perfect card for every moment. To distinguish each card across their e-commerce touchpoints, background colors on the Product Detail Pages reflect the dominant hues in each card's image. This approach gives each card its own spotlight, while simultaneously unifying the cards with one another.