AB Vassilopoulos

Building a digital loyalty program for Greece's go-to supermarket

In short
As one of Greece's most beloved supermarkets, AB Vassilopoulos approached us with the ambition to transform their customer loyalty program into a digital-first experience. We revamped their existing loyalty scheme, known as AB Plus, along with the program’s visual identity. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate traditional benefits like paper vouchers and loyalty points directly into e-commerce journey, further building brand loyalty between AB and its customers.
AB Vassilopoulos
Senior UI Designer
Motion Designer
Going digital: a world of endless benefits and rewards
The AB Plus program is a treasure trove of features and rewards, all designed to reward customer loyalty through point accumulation. My challenge was to convey, both visually and functionally, the multitude of ways customers can leverage their points. Customers can benefit from credits in their digital wallet, redeemable vouchers, personalized promos tailored to their shopping habits, exclusive deals with AB Plus partners, and more.
Putting customers at the heart of digital interaction
We placed the power of loyalty rewards in the hands of AB's customers through the Points Hub, where they can exchange their points for products, vouchers, and more. To validate our concepts and features, we tested prototypes with both customers and employees. This approach allowed us to gauge the digital literacy of AB’s customers, as well as understand what makes AB's brand truly resonate.
Our user testing revealed a critical insight: customers need absolute clarity when exchanging points. With this in mind, I iterated upon the page header to create a smooth transition into a sticky top navigation, featuring a dynamic "countdown" of points that instantly reflects all exchanges, no matter how far users scroll down into their Points Hub.
Visualizing savings for clarity and transparency
Before revamping AB Plus, loyal customers were indeed saving, but they had no means to quantify their savings. By calculating their overall savings and visualizing them within the digital platform, we gave customers insight into their accumulated savings, broken down by categories. As customers witness the tangible numbers behind their points accumulation and rewards redemption, they are not only encouraged to continue their loyalty to AB but also to make it their go-to supermarket.