Guiding guests towards their next best getaway

In short
With over 185 vacation parks across five countries, Roompot needed a way to display each of their parks to their potential guests in a way that encouraged discovery and inspiration, while still being scalable to easily integrate its existing CMS. Our goal was to showcase each park's unique selling points, highlighting what makes each park special and guiding potential guests towards their next best getaway.
Senior UI Designer
Whatever your destination, you'll find it at Roompot
Luxury resorts, cozy parks, or charming campsites — whatever your destination, you'll find it at Roompot. To ensure we could accommodate each of Roompot's 185+ park detail pages, we created flexible modules to act as the building blocks of the park detail pages, keeping Roompot’s CMS management efficient and straightforward.
I aimed to retain the essence of Roompot's "Modern Beach" brand concept and introduced more thoughtful ways of applying its color palette, like utilizing large swatches of background colors to evoke the warmth of sunnier destinations.
Crafting designs for quality, usability, and scalability
As Senior UI Designer, I was brought onto the project to ensure quality control, improve usability, and future-proof components for scalability. Carousel tiles with only a portrait or square aspect ratio were chosen to ensure content remains mobile-friendly. Typography styles were refined to enhance hierarchy and legibility. Loose frames and groups were tidied up into reusable, flexible components, setting up Roompot for future expansion of their design library and consistency across all digital touchpoints.
A fresh set of pixel-perfect icons
To visually represent Roompot's diverse array of park amenities, we crafted a new library of 50+ icons, which each icon receiving meticulous attention. I ensured the visual style remained consistent throughout the set, taking care to consider the proportions, center of balance, weight, and level of detail of each icon.